Business Development and Partnerships Manager (volunteer, 5-10 hours/week)

We are building the Andela-equivalent for Palestine. We aim to address the global software engineering talent shortage by providing tech companies with high-quality remote software developers who retain 3x longer than a typical Silicon Valley engineer. We do this by identifying the best engineers and potential engineers in Palestine, growing their awareness of their potential horizons, and preparing them to meet the expectations of global tech companies.

We believe that talent is everywhere, that Palestine is a particularly strong talent hub, and that tech can bridge the gap between that talent and its ability to achieve impact. Palestinian software developers are eager to build cutting-edge businesses and technologies.

We’re developing traction and need a strong sales team to connect our graduates to great job opportunities. You will be the initial sales team member. You will do sales yourself as well as recruit, build, and manage a sales team. This is a volunteer position, like all others on our team. There is a possibility of the role becoming a paid part-time or full-time position in a year, after we solidify our model and fundraise successfully.

This Role

As the first Business Development and Partnerships Manager of this bold initiative, you will:

  • Develop a strategy to identify promising new leads

  • Convert those leads into partners who hire our graduates

  • Maintain a close relationship with our partners to gather feedback and build our relationship

  • Recruit and manage volunteer sales team members

  • Establish all of the sales team operations, including:

    • KPIs

    • Roles (e.g., should we have SDRs and AEs)

    • Lead generation

    • Systems to track our leads & progress

    • Onboarding for new sales team members

  • Create a strong culture for the sales team that sets it up for long-term success and attracts new talent

  • Gain a deep understanding of our target customers, and share those with our program team to influence our approach

If you succeed in your role, our alumni will have fantastic remote jobs, their employers will demand more talent from our upcoming cohorts, and our organization will have a strong feedback loop from both alumni and employers so that we can learn from their experiences to improve our approach with future cohorts of students.

Location and time expectations

Your location will be flexible. It will be useful for you or your team to spend time in Silicon Valley, NYC, Berlin, and London as most sales leads will be in those locations. This work comes in waves based on the stage of each class. There will be times when you need to be available for a full 10 hours (e.g., after a cohort has graduated) and others when you will only need to be available for 2 hours (once a cohort’s alumni all have jobs, before the next cohort has arrived).

What you should bring

  • Expertise: You have been a member of high-performing sales teams before - or have even built them yourself. You know how to conduct sales, identify the best leads, recruit, train and motivate sales team members, and set up smooth operations.

  • Entrepreneurship: You are scrappy, strategic, iterative. You are thrilled at forging a way forward in an ambiguous new role and building a team.

  • Leadership: You motivate others to follow you. You have deep integrity. You are an excellent coach.

  • Strategy: You are able to cut through a mess of opportunity to create focus and choose the right experiments to run.

  • Humility: You roll up your sleeves and do the hard work with everyone else.

  • Reliability: You’re a foundation everyone can stand on with full confidence. You can make a commitment for 1+ years without faltering. You estimate your availability accurately. You don’t have a tendency toward overcommitting.

  • Mission alignment: You’re energized by the work we are doing and excited to be a part of it.

Knock our socks off

  • Existing networks: You have strong networks of hiring managers who would have excellent remote job opportunities for Palestinian software engineers, and who would be excited to tap into this pool of talent.

  • Background in tech: You’ve worked with software engineers, at startups or tech companies. You understand what they need when hiring.

  • Experience in Palestine, the Middle East, or other emerging markets: You’ve traveled to this part of the world or a similar one. You know how to navigate it successfully and have a clear understanding of the challenges, pleasures, and satisfaction involved.

  • Passion for diversity: You’ve worked previously on diversity/inclusivity initiatives because you know that these untap fantastic talent pools and lead to better business results.