Project Management Superstar (volunteer, 5-10 hours/week)

(5-10 hours/week, volunteer, flexible location)

We are building the Andela-equivalent for Palestine. We aim to address the global software engineering talent shortage by providing tech companies with high-quality remote software developers who retain 3x longer than a typical Silicon Valley engineer. We do this by identifying the best engineers and potential engineers in Palestine, growing their awareness of their potential horizons, and preparing them to meet the expectations of global tech companies.

We believe that talent is everywhere, that Palestine is a particularly strong talent hub, and that tech can bridge the gap between that talent and its ability to achieve impact. Palestinian software developers are eager to build cutting-edge businesses and technologies.

We’re developing traction and need a stellar project manager to run our programs smoothly. This is a volunteer position, like all others on our team. There is a possibility of the role becoming a paid part-time or full-time position in a year, after we solidify our model and fundraise successfully.

Most of the team is made up of software engineers who teach the Palestinian participants. You are the glue that holds it altogether. We have run two cohorts of our program so far and have begun to build systems you will be able to re-use. As the program evolves, you will develop new systems to keep the team aligned and the program delivery efficient. If interested, you could also lead the establishment of our new programs (e.g., a class on soft skills / cultural fit interviews).

This Role

As the project manager of this bold initiative, you will:

  • Recruit new participants from Palestine via social media campaigns and partnerships, identifying the best channels to find talent

  • Organize the process of vetting and selecting participants

  • Notify participants whether or not they were selected

  • Create the calendar for each cohort, matching classes to teachers’ and TAs’ availability

  • Onboard new teachers and TAs

  • Create systems for teachers and TAs to keep track of participants’ strengths and weaknesses

  • Organize mock interviews: recruit new mock interviewers, connect them to participants, and collect their feedback

  • Record lessons learned from each cohort to improve our systems & approach for the next cohort

  • If interested, lead the development of new programs (e.g., a new class to teach participants how to pass soft skills/cultural fit interviews)

Location & availability expectations

Your location will be flexible. You will need to work closely with the founders who have been fulfilling this role until now. They are based in California and are typically available during their evenings and weekends.

This work comes in waves based on the stage of each class. There will be times when you need to be available for a full 10 hours (e.g., first few weeks of any new cohort) and others when you will only need to be available for 2 hours (once the cohort is running smoothly).

What you should bring

  • Organization: You love setting up logistics to run teams and projects smoothly. You geek out on setting up lightweight processes that meet an early-stage organization’s needs.

  • Efficiency: You know where to focus your attention to do 20% of the work to create 80% of the value.

  • Communication & collaboration: You collaborate effectively with a remote global volunteer team. You manage upwards and laterally just the right amount. You adjust your approach to different personalities.

  • Reliability: You’re a foundation everyone can stand on with full confidence. You can make a commitment for 1+ years without faltering. You estimate your availability accurately. You don’t have a tendency toward overcommitting.

  • Entrepreneurship: You thrive in ambiguous environments. You create a clear path forward when needed, and allow ambiguity to exist when valuable.

Knock our socks off

  • Leadership: You can lead the energy and ideas of a team to identify what the priorities should be and create new programs to address them (e.g., we currently offer a class on how to pass Silicon Valley coding interviews; you might develop a new program to teach participants how to pass soft skills/cultural fit interviews)

  • Experience in the Middle East or similar emerging markets: You’ve lived in this part of the world or a similar one. You know how to navigate it successfully and know what you’re getting yourself into.

  • Passion for diversity: You’ve worked previously on diversity/inclusivity initiatives. You believe these untap incredible talent and thus lead to better business results. You know a one-size-fits-all does not always serve this purpose and know how to adjust your approach to enable inclusivity.

  • Background in tech: You’ve worked with software engineers or are a software engineer yourself.

  • Arabic: Arabic is optional for this role, but if you do speak it and have read this far, yalla, what are you waiting for?!