Founder & CEO (paid, full-time)

We are building the Andela-equivalent for Palestine. We aim to address the global software engineering talent shortage by providing tech companies with high-quality remote software developers who retain 3x longer than a typical Silicon Valley engineer. We do this by identifying the best engineers and potential engineers in Palestine, growing their awareness of their potential horizons, and preparing them to meet the expectations of global tech companies.

We believe that talent is everywhere, that Palestine is a particularly strong talent hub, and that tech can bridge the gap between that talent and its ability to achieve impact. Palestinian software developers are eager to build cutting-edge businesses and technologies.

Join us to become our first full-time leader. Our team of volunteers (from Google, Uber, Snap, Facebook, NVidia, etc) has been validating our model through 2+ years of experiments. We’ve developed traction and are now ready to spin this off into its own company.

Silicon Valley - Palestine is the business association that has been incubating this startup. We are a group of tech professionals whose mission is to accelerate the growth of the Palestinian tech sector. Our members and advisers are the founders of Gaza Sky Geeks and Code.X, venture capitalists, and technology executives. We will fund your role and be fully committed to your success, helping to secure seed capital, build partnerships, and recruit a star team.

This Role:

As the founding CEO of this bold initiative, with your team, you will:

  • Set the strategy and business model

  • Lead experiments and scale what works, executing efficiently

  • Fundraise

  • Recruit & onboard a stellar team

  • Create a strong organizational culture that sets it up for long-term success and attracts new talent

  • Identify top talent and potential software engineering talent in Palestine

  • Run sales/business development to connect talented Palestinian software engineers to US and European tech companies

  • Build a strong brand and manage PR

  • Report to the board


Your location can be flexible. To deliver on your responsibilities, you will likely need to spend at least 2 months per year in Palestine (West Bank and Gaza), 2 months per year in Silicon Valley, and a few weeks in Berlin, New York City, and the UAE.

What you should bring:

  • Entrepreneurship: You are a founder at heart. You are deeply passionate and move mountains to create the right impact. You are scrappy, strategic, iterative. You are excited about the idea of building a solution that works, then scaling it. You love building teams and companies.

  • Leadership: You motivate others to follow you. You give them faith when the path ahead is hard and blurry. You have empathy and are an excellent coach. People trust you.

  • Strategy: You are able to cut through a mess of opportunity to create focus and choose the right experiments to run.

  • Fundraising: You’re not scared of hitting the pavement to raise the funds necessary to achieve your mission. You’re comfortable talking to Silicon Valley venture capitalists. You have a strong bias towards for-profit models (e.g., because of their accountability towards measurable results), but if necessary, you can also fundraise from foundations or humanitarian donors.

  • Swiss army knife: At the early stages of an organization, you effectively wear multiple hats. You geek out on data just as much as you geek out on giving team members feedback or writing social media posts.

  • Partnerships: You find the right organizations with which to work to accelerate impact, and build strong relationships with them.

  • Citizenship that allows you to cross the right borders: You need to be able to travel easily to West Bank and Gaza (through Israel), United States, Germany, and the UAE.

Knock our socks off:

  • Background in tech: You’ve worked with software engineers or are a software engineer yourself.

  • Experience hiring or teaching software engineers.

  • Experience in the Middle East or other emerging markets: You’ve lived in this part of the world or a similar one. You know how to navigate it successfully and have a clear understanding of the challenges, pleasures, and satisfaction involved.

  • Passion for diversity: You’ve worked previously on diversity/inclusivity initiatives because you know that these untapped fantastic talent pools and lead to better business results. You have prior experience adjusting approaches to succeed in reaching non-mainstream populations (women, etc).

Arabic: Arabic is optional for this role, but if you do speak it and have read this far, yalla, what are you waiting for?!