Palestine's startups, students, and freelancers are isolated.

You can bridge that isolation and help them grow, in whatever way suits your life and circumstances best.

Entrepreneurs, VCs, and employees from Google, Facebook, Uber, Snap, and numerous startups have mentored in Palestine.

Read their testimonials.

Interested in keeping informed on how you can best support Silicon Valley Palestine?

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Teach at a coding camp

The PalTel Group Foundation sponsors a 4-week Code + Design Bootcamp for university students in Ramallah and Gaza during the summer, built around Udacity Nanodegrees and a Design Thinking intensive.

Teachers must be experienced tech professionals - accepted volunteers will receive an all expenses paid trip. Time commitment: 2-4 weeks. 

Gaza Sky Geeks runs a coding academy and occasional other bootcamps (e.g. investment-readiness bootcamps).

Time commitment: varies, please inquire further.

Code for Palestine is a coding program for high school students sponsored by the PalTel Group Foundation run through Code.X, a Silicon Valley based non-profit. The programs operates in both the West Bank and Gaza.

Teachers must be Stanford undergraduate / graduate students and able to teach CS or Design Thinking - accepted volunteers will receive an all expenses paid trip. Time commitment: 3 weeks. 


Donate or invest

Support the programs growing tech talent in Palestine, or make investments in the most promising startups (details forthcoming).

You can currently donate to Gaza Sky Geeks directly through Mercy Corps. A number of tech leaders have supported and continue to support Gaza Sky Geeks (see the list from Brad Feld).

If you are interested in sponsoring students or young professionals to teach at Coding Camps and other programs, please contact the PalTel Group Foundation to inquire further. 


Stay informed & promote on social media

It only takes a few seconds each day to help Palestine's startups and techies reach audiences that matter to them. Many mentors (maybe even most) who come to Palestine find out about the opportunity from your social media feeds. Follow these organizations & individuals, and share their content.

Gaza Sky Geeks: newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Paltel Group Foundation: Facebook

Ibtikar Fund: Twitter

Startups Twitter feeds: Life @ Yamsafer


Make introductions for startups

When a startup needs a specific resource, it helps to have a wide network that can make the right intro quickly: to a mentor with deep expertise on marketplaces, a potential co-founder in London, or an investor with similar interests:


Hire in Palestine

Software developers, QA, product managers, DevOps, data entry, call centers are available - you can hire these and more in Palestine. Please see the following to inquire further:

(Disclaimer: the publishers of this site do not represent these companies or their practices; requisite due diligence is required)